Membership of ICOMAA, North America, as with ICOMAA, worldwide is open to former students of the University College/University of Ibadan:

  1. Who were registered for any undergraduate course in the Faculty of Medicine/College of Medicine and
  2. Who by virtue of that registration, actually matriculated and successfully completed their program in the University.

You must be resident in North America (USA, Canada or Mexico) for membership in ICOMAA, NA

  • Please tell us your maiden name. Last name only please. This will help former classmates, who may not know your married name, find you in our database.

  • Please select the year you graduated from the Ibadan College of Medicine

  • Please tell us your business address. This information will be included in our search results

  • Some of this information; specifically a link with your personal email address, will be included in search results for paid members only. Non members or visitors to the site will not be able to view this information