ICOMAA Celebrate ME - Working Together We Can Do More.

Aug 30, 2011


                    ICOMAA Celebrate Me

                        Working together we can do more


                                          BGK Ajayi, President (Worldwide)



August 14, 2011

                         Raising one billion naira




                            The Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association                                                                      To Assist the


                                           Ibadan College of Medicine




                                                         Propel the


                                University of Ibadan         

            To be among the top 100 Universities in the World




The inspiration for this piece came from a friend and classmate of the President, Dr. Babatunde Adeyeoluwa (ADEYEFA) with whom the President had discussed the challenge of raising one billion naira for the Alumni Association on July1, 2011 before he left Ibadan for a trip to Chicago, USA on July 2. Dr. Adeyeoluwa was reported to have told him encouragingly, 'Gboyega, we can do it. I will help in my small way.' He died suddenly on July 5, 2011, three days later.


Originally it was meant to be used for fund raising from members of Dr. Adeyeoluwa's set -  the class of 68/73/74. However it has received a lot of input from several sources and undergone considerable modifications by the Executive Committee to make it appropriate for use by the entire body of ICOMAA.



                                       Working together we can do more


There is too much criticism in our society and too little reinforcement of the positive. Several people (local and foreign) have noted that we Nigerians are extremely critical of ourselves as Nigerians, of our leaders and tend to assume a communal feeling of guilt when one Nigerian is found wanting. We tend to ignore the very many positive things we do that we can focus on. Thus, it would appear that Nigerians are the 'worst' people on the planet earth. Unwittingly, we have ignored the good in our society and thrown up wrong values and models for our youth to emulate. We have created from a society with an abundance of heroes and stars, an aura of a rotten society filled with rogues and villains.


Whilst not closing our eyes to our faults and while meting out appropriate punishments to law breakers, let us tell the good stories; let us appreciate the good in one another. By doing so, we also send a signal to others: 'This is the type of behaviour that our society needs, wants and supports'. Good is more powerful than evil, and positive speaking and writing can only engender more good.  Let us leave an indelible memory behind that will show how we lived and loved.


The Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association is set to raise ONE BILLION NAIRA before the year runs out and subsequently every year. The funds will be used to support the new College of Medicine Curriculum which requires a Clinical Science Laboratory (about N250million), modernisation of the UCH Accident and Emergency Complex and a new GOP Department (N100million), an Alumni Complex (comprising of an ultramodern Hall of Residence, a 1,000 seat Conference Hall hosting an Alumni Hall of Fame and office complex (N850million); and an Endowment Fund to support College and Alumni/Alumni office programmes (N500million). This Project was designed during the tenure of the first President of ICOMAA worldwide, Emeritus Professor Oladipo Akinkugbe. During the tenure of the second President, Emeritus Professor Oluwole Akande, some modifications were made and land was allocated for the Alumni Complex.

In appreciation and celebration of your classmates, alive or dead and in thanksgiving to the Almighty and Omnipotent God, let us make contributions, either singly or in groups and/or in class sets or ICOMAA branches. All donations no matter how small will be acknowledged on the walls of the Alumni Hall of Fame. Donations of $600 or more will qualify for a special place on Marble in the Alumni Hall of Fame. The first 100 donors to give at a minimum of $600 and subsequently $1,000 or more will have a dedicated space to celebrate anyone, alive or dead; members of your set or family, friends, teachers, mentors - anyone you cared about. Postings will also be published in the ICOMAA website: www.icomaa.org.ng  There is something good in each and every one of us! Say it loud and clear for the world to hear!



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